AI Shopping Assistant!

To help buyers (especially new immigrants) and sellers (especially affected by covid-19).

Giv2Pay is an innovative solution for shopping. It creates a social shopping network, by using AI and gamification rules, so that buyers (especially new immigrants) and sellers (Online and In-Store), can access each other’s information (requirements and products), by privacy protection. And receiving Allowances for advertising and cashback, and cheaper and faster purchase experience.
Giv2Pay, in addition to business prosperity of sellers (especially those affected by covid-19), can create jobs for Canadians, like Marketer, Supporter, Seller, IT, etc. And also makes fuel saving and transportation cost by easy finding requirements instead of going to the stores.


Giv2Pay is a smart customer club on blockchain to help both damaged retailers during the Covid-19, and customers to find each other easily.

Giv2Pay is a customer club for presenting discounts and ads:

  • Free Token: Users present some parts of their information they are interested in to earn Giv Tokens.
  • Targeted Advertising: Sellers with indirect access to the users’ information can identify the target market and send their ads to them easily and inexpensively.
  • Smart Advertising Advice: Thanks to artificial intelligence and data analytics, sellers are provided with smart advice on the purpose and how to advertise by a digital advisor.
  • Tokens for viewing ads: Users will receive tokens for seeing the ads if they want
  • Discounts and cashback: If users purchase after viewing Ads, they receive discounts and cache back.
  • Shopping with tokens: The user can buy their needed goods and services from sellers using their earned tokens.
  • Receiving profit: Sellers can exchange tokens received from users for money, but if they hold those tokens for a certain period, they will receive profit.
  • Paying free Tokens for giving data: Unlike existing customer clubs, Giv2Pay pays free tokens directly to users for their submitted information, sharing the user with the benefit of using its information in advertising.
  • High technologies: Cryptocurrency and smart contracts are used for transparent transactions and dividing profit accurately, and AI and Data Analysis for recommending ads based on users’ tastes.

Giv2Pay is a Win-Win-Win ecosystem

Customers receive Tokens for theirs data and can use Tokens for buying in stores and online stores.

Vendors use a data pool for targeted Ads and receive profit Tokens from their transactions.

Investors receive profit Tokens by transparent blockchain transactions.


The founders of Giv2Pay all have education and job experience in the field of information technology. they are former co-workers in the same software company and worked with each other for some years but after a while, they have founded their own business separately. Due to the founders’ interest in developing creative businesses internationally, they have decided to collaborate and develop a high-tech business to create an intelligent shopping assistant to help buyers (especially new immigrants) and sellers (especially those affected by Covid-19).

jafar pouresmaeily

Jafar Pouresmaeily


zeynab banaee

Zeinab Banaee


The main team not only have experience of working with each other, but each of them is expert in one of the required technical and business specialties in the project and also benefit of some advisors and psychologists. 

Our early target audience is people in their 18s and 45s in Canada. And our plans for introducing ourselves to them are advertising on possible media like social, holding airdrops, conducting online campaigns, and publishing-related Cheat sheets about related topics, such as creating wallets and security items in cryptocurrencies, for interested people, and developing customized games that extract users' tastes. In the next step, after the business has passed the early stage, we will expand our market to global users and vendors.


We use crypto currency techniques to connect customers and retailers using smart contract on blockchain, a machine learning DApp and AI. It provides retailers with new targeted advertisement method by inexpensive prices, and customers with free tokens for sharing their  data that they want.


We are a team with different experience in founding startups. Now, We have decided to help the damaged business by crypto technology.

Giv2Pay is a customer club in which customers, in addition to receiving product offers according to their tastes and needs, along with attractive discounts from online and offline sellers, can provide those parts of their personal information about their tastes and interests and partner in the profit of ads.