We don’t write any personal data to the blockchain. The only Rewards will saved. Read this document to understand how we use data.

To learn how we use data to operate our websites, forums, and communications, visit the Website Privacy Policy.  


Security & updates 

System automatically checks with us for updates. This ensures that you always have access to the latest security fixes. We count the number and type of these requests when we receive them to produce aggregate statistics. No particular person’s information can be identified in the statistics we produce.



If you route to visit a store website that wants to determine your location, you will be asked whether you want it to be allowed to know where you are. If you click yes to this message, then the website will be sent an approximation of where you are based on your IP address. Your IP address will not be stored by us, but it may be stored by the website you have visited. See data processing detail.



We record this identifier on servers operated by Amazon in the United States. We take a range of technical and organisational measures to safeguard any personal data including the use of EU standard contractual clauses.

We use your wallet identifier to determine when to send you rewards and chash-back.