About Us

About Us

We assist both customers and retailers to find each other easily and quickly.

We use crypto currency techniques to connect customers and retailers using smart contract on blockchain, a machine learning DApp and AI. It provides retailers (especially affected by covid-19) with new targeted advertisement method by inexpensive prices, and customers (especially new immigrants) with free tokens for sharing their data that they want.

Planned to 2023 (First year)

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What are the benefits of the "Giv"?

Giv2Pay is a collection of sub-systems that provide transparent information to customers, vendors and investors.

Earn Profit

Customers information are worth. Giv2Pay is a new Ads ecosystem that the customers data entry create a data pool and they share in the benefits of using their data by stores.

Easy Access

Giv2Pay is a smart club that all actors are winner. Stores find targeted customers easily but with privacy. Customers can also easily find their favorite stores with AI Assistant.

Best Offers

Customers can get the best offers by their profile information that they want. Customers also receive free Giv tokens by interacting with offers.

Multi Choice

Customers have multi choice to find the best stores, best goods, and best discounts. Retailers also have multi choice to find the best customers by inexpensive Ads.

Goals for 2027

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Meet Our Teams

We have decided to start a high-tech business as a smart shopping assistant to help buyers (especially new immigrants) and sellers (especially affected by covid-19) to develop.

jafar pouresmaeily
Jafar Pouresmaeily

Founder & CEO

zeynab banaee
Zeynab Banaee

Co-Founder & CTO

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You can join us as a Customer or a Retailer. We have many interesting tools for your favorites.